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HUR Technologies develops Smart Contracts and related products for Interent Of Things + Artificial Intelligence applications on Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchains. HUR Tokens are ERC20.


We provide innovative Blockchain solutions!

IoT Blockchain platform, services and support for Enterprise applications

IoT Marketplace

Platform is already developing into a global ecosystem for developers, enterpreneurs and solution parnters.

IoT Blockchain

Patented IoT Blockchain for device identity management, value management and autonomous device intelligence.

IoT Blockchain Services

Blockchain Consultancy Services offering support to SMB & Enterprises to conceptualize and launch IoT Blockchain Solutions.

Enterprise IoT Blockchain Solutions

Hurify has identified six major phases for rolling out its IoT Blockchain As A Service for Enterprise IoT Deployments. We work with our technology and sales partners to scale our Blockchain solution


Why Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts opportunities are numerous in IoT device management, project development and supply chain.

Distributed Ledger Technology with Smart Contracts provide a unique opportunity to solve business problems with IoT in a way that has never been envisioned before.

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Bellevue, WA — January 16, 2019 — Dragonchain Inc. is announcing its partnership with Hurify Digital Markets to revolutionize global, decentralized IoT and blockchain development. Dragonchain will provide Hurify with the flexibility and security[…]

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