HUR launches IOT Blockchain Consulting Services & IOTBlockchain-Ethereum-SDK

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HUR launches IOT Blockchain Consulting Services & IOTBlockchain-Ethereum-SDK

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 Hurify IoT, Redmond, WA – 04/17/2019

Hurify, provider of IOT Marketplace platform on Blockchain and enterprise IOT blockchain solutions today announced its launch of Hurify blockchain consultancy services for enterprise companies exploring the use of Blockchain technology for developing new revenue streams and business models.

Hurify’s team of enterprise blockchain and IOT specialists have a unique skill set and know the ways to integrate and apply blockchain across an ecosystem of IOT edge systems. These consultancy services leverage Hurify’s years of experience and assets developed to help corporations identify, build and launch new products and services effectively and efficiently. Hurify has customized the distributed ledger integration with IOT to help customers bring up customized IOT Blockchain within a few days, and a proof of concept working in just weeks and production deployment within a few months.

Hurify is also pioneering its innovation on Blockchain of Intelligent & Autonomous Things (BIAT)that envisions IOT Device network that encapsulates Blockchain based device identity;  artificial intelligence and value management.  Hurify is working with its Blockchain partner Dragonchaintowards realizing its BIAT vision in multiple phases over the next few years with the first phase launch of IOT Blockchain microservices.

Hurify Blockchain Consultancy Services (HBCS) has identified six major phases for rolling out its consultancy service for enterprise IOT Blockchain deployments:

1) Identify: Team performs an analysis of business, data integrity and security for future state evaluation and readiness.
2) Collaborate: A collaborative discussion that uncovers business needs, latent demands and use cases forBlockchain Technology.
3) Develop: This phase comprises of a proof of concept (PoC) development and design facilitation of a pilot.
4) Examine: A pilot project is implemented to determine the factors necessary for scaling the solution to production.
5) Deploy: Team helps customers to deploy the solution integration and other customizations needed to move the solution into production.
6) Scale: Team helps customer to scale the Blockchain solution to a broader user base.

The HBCS team provides training, guidance and advice required to build and deploy an Enterprise IoT Blockchain to facilitate enterprise digital transformation to achieve organizational efficiencies.

Today, the team also launches IOT Blockchain Consulting Services &  IOTBlockchain-Ethereum-SDK that allows IOT developers to experiment, connect and control Raspberry Pi based IOT devices to Private Ethereum Blockchain. Blockchain Consultancy Services offering is available for all its existing and future customers.

About Hurify

Hurify has IOT Marketplace platform powered by Smart Contracts & builds comprehensive blockchain systems for the enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Its platform, software and services allow IOT devices to securely interact with and transact with a distributed ledger technology such as a blockchain. Hurify Digital Markets, Inc has its headquarters in Redmond, WA with affiliate offices in Vilnius, Lithuania, and in Singapore. Learn more at

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